Sponsored Projects Handbook

Purpose of Handbook

This Handbook has been created to give practical guidance to faculty and administrative staff of Columbia University in the management of sponsored projects funded by both governmental and private organizations. This will enable faculty and staff to administer and conduct research and other externally funded projects in accordance with University and sponsor policies.

In accepting sponsored project funding, University faculty and staff who conduct sponsored projects have an important fiduciary responsibility to manage such projects carefully. This Handbook will acquaint new investigators and administrators with the research policies and procedures of the University and serve as a reference guide for all investigators and administrators.

Readers should be advised that recent policy enhancements or changes in sponsors' policies and regulations may be more current than the contents of this Handbook. While every attempt will be made to keep the Handbook up-to-date, ultimately the most current information will be found in the federal Office of Management and Budget circulars, other government regulations and specific sponsor documentation and award documents, as well as the University's numerous websites and its Administrative Policy Library at http://policylibrary.columbia.edu/.  Where a policy exists, links have been provided throughout the Handbook for ease of navigation to take the user to that specific policy.

A PDF version of the complete Sponsored Projects Handbook is available here: http://evpr.columbia.edu/content/complete-handbooks