Researchers New to Columbia

The information provided on this page is intended to help familiarize new researchers with the trainiing and resources available at the University as well as policy governing the conduct of research.


Quick Guide to Research at Columbia University
This pamphlet provideds a brief overview of the areas of responsibility and services provided by the offices that support research at the University.


So You're New to Columbia
This resource provides information about limited submission funding opportunities and communications related to research at Columbia.


Resources for Faculty and Staff
The content on this page is divided into two sections, resources and policies.  The resources include handbooks which provide in-depth guidance concerning various aspects of research, training finders which inform researchers of required and optional training courses, as well as other useful tools and information.  The policies are those focused on research topics.


Research Departments
There is a great varieity of important and interesting research conducted at the University in diverse fields of study.  The departments listed on this page are those within the fields of the biomedical and natural sciences and engineering.  For a more comprehensive list that lists institutes and departments in other fields please see the Academics page on the University website.


CUMC New Faculty Orientation
The Office of Academic Affairs at CUMC hosts a short faculty orientation on a semi-annual basis for all new faculty at CUMC. The first event took place on September 7, 2011.  There are plans to offer another half-day orientation in January.

New faculty (or faculty who started at CUMC within the last two years) are strongly encouraged to attend the orientation.

Topics covered:
     - Welcome and Remarks with Dean Lee Goldman and Dean Linda Fried
     - Institutional Overview
     - Overview of Faculty Tracks
     - Introduction to Offices and Services
     - Developing a Career Plan and Round Table Conversations with Faculty



New Postdoc Orientation
In an effort to acclimate new postdocs to Columbia University, the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs would like to offer a first look at the resources available at the university that directly relate to postdoctoral training. The orientation includes a brief rundown of benefits, introduction to an Individual Development Plan, and a discussion about the research, professional development, and quality of work/life resources available at the university to postdocs. Orientation is held once a month (except during the month of December) and rotates between the Morningside and Medical Center campuses, and is announced on the OPA website event’s calendar. 


Columbia University Human Resources
Please consult the Human Resources website for comprehensive information about benefits, policies and employment as well as orientation materials.