Funding Issues

One of the most potentially problematic funding issues is Scientific Overlap, which occurs when a research proposal is identical to or substantially the same as another proposal the researcher may have submitted or plan to submit to a different funding agency.   Here are a few recent cases of funding-related issues:


Funding Cases

Craig Grimes – In 2012, Pennsylvania State University professor Craig Grimes pleaded guilty to charges that included accepting grants from both the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation to fund the same research on solar conversion of carbon dioxide into hydrocarbons.  Read the Nature Magazine article.

Guifang Li – In 2011, University of Central Florida professor Guifang Li was barred from applying for federal funding for two years for applying for and accepting grants for the same research from the Air Force, National Science Foundation, and the Department of Defense.   Read the NSF’s Notice of Debarment.