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The DOD released its plans on March 20, 2009 regarding the planned expenditure of its $7.4B in ARRA funds.  The majority of the funds are committed to construction and repair of DOD facilities; however "$300 million for near-term energy efficiency technology demonstration and research will develop energy efficient technologies."  Nevertheless, no RFAs have been released, nor are any implied by the detailed description of the expenditures within this category.  Details on this category are to be found beginning on page 154 of the full report which can be found at:

Last updated, 07.02.2009

There are no current DOD ARRA Opportunities at this time.

Recovery Act - Army Research Laboratory Photovoltaics
, posted - 05.26.2009
SOLICITATION TO SUBMIT A WHITE PAPER (NOT EXCEEDING 5 PAGES) -- Novel Materials and Device Development for High Efficiency Solar Photovoltaics:
The photovoltaic solution for these applications to the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Contracting Center will be geared towards Army's high value systems and high value missions and must address compact, conformable and a light weight substrate with a small volume. The proposed solutions must be able to obtain conversion efficiencies of >30% and these photovoltaic devices may consist of multi-color tandem photovoltaic devices. The Army's goal is photovoltaic panels that are very light weight and having areas of 2000 cm2.  A key requirement for these photovoltaic panels is very high power per unit area and weight. These photovoltaic arrays will be integrated to the skins of small microsystems to produce power and ultimately to provide multifunction "smart skins" for small autonomous systems. At the end of the award(s) the awardee(s) shall be able to deliver a small (~1W under one sun) high efficiency photovoltaic array demonstrating scalability to 100W or higher.

White papers must address the following:
1) High efficiency solar photovoltaic devices and cells for un-attended ground sensors, Soldier systems, and very small autonomous systems. Proposals should address the investigation of novel approaches, highly integrated advanced materials, and device structures to reduce weight, volume and self powering for emerging Army Systems.
2) Very high power and energy density solutions to powering very small systems.
3) Higher efficiency cells integrated with flexible electronics and displays.
4) Rigid crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells for anticipated future sensors, taggants and micro autonomous systems.
5) Cheaper thin film solutions offering higher efficiencies and smaller areas to produce power
(Please refer to topic areas 2.48 Directed Energy, Paragraph 7 Photovoltaic (PV) Power Sources and/or; 2.52 Infrared Detectors and Power Sources through Army Research Laboratory and Army Research Office Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) Number W911NF-07-R-0001-03 effective from 01 October 2007 through 30 September 2011)

White paper submissions (not exceeding five pages) under the topics above DUE 01 JUNE 2009 and shall be sent via email to Parvez Uppal (email: with the subject line "RECOVERY - ARL PHOTOVOLTAICS."
The Government will evaluate all white papers and provide a written response/proposal invitation to the researchers on or about 15 June 2009. Two awards valued at $1,500,000.00 each or one award valued $3,000,000.00 are expected.
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